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We’re currently boasting a 43.6% Conversion Rate!

What is Conversion Rate? Conversion Rate is calculated by how many people click on your app in the store, and then how many people then decide to download your app too while they’re on your app page, before leaving the page. So across all of our apps, almost half of the inquisitive users have ended up downloading one of our apps after clicking on them!

That’s a damn sight more than the average 2-3% Conversion Rate you get from a Advertisement Referral to your Website! 

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With 140+ extensions, there's a little something for everyone!

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Abandoned Order

Recover by email and push notification clients who have initiated an order without having finalized it


Automate customer experience and save time

Airtable Form

Send data to Airtable from your app


Offer a popular payment solution to your customers from China

Appointment Booking

Display your availability and let your customers book an appointment from your application

App Walkthrough

Create an integrated tutorial and guide your users through the first launch of your app


Stream the podcasts you have on Ausha directly to your app


Authorize access to all or a part of your app only to users who have a username/password

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