Genie Giveaways

The Power is Yours! At Genie Giveaways, we believe in putting the magic of choice right into your hands. Are you feeling daring and ready to seize the stars?

Introducing Genie Giveaways: Your Path to Wishes Granted!

Embark on a thrilling journey with our enchanting mobile app, Genie Giveaways! Step into a world where wishes come true, guided by two mesmerizing characters, Oscar and Pippin. Get ready to choose your destiny and unleash a whirlwind of excitement unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Meet Oscar, the Wishful Wizard: Oscar is the ultimate dreamweaver, wielding his magical powers to bring you incredible prizes beyond your wildest imagination. To summon his treasures, all he needs is a touch of your belief and a sprinkle of your curiosity. What’s the secret? Oscar’s ticket prices are so low, it’s practically a wish in itself! Gather your wishes and watch them transform into tangible rewards right before your eyes.

Enter Pippin’s Realm of Marvels: Dare to dance with destiny in Pippin’s realm, where every ticket holds the promise of enchanting victories. Pippin, the charming genie, believes in making your dreams a reality with a dash of finesse and a sprinkle of luck. Your odds? They’re through the roof! While Pippin’s ticket prices may be a tad higher, your journey promises a tapestry of triumphs and delightful surprises.

Unveil a World of Wonder: – Unleash your inner adventurer as you browse through an array of captivating prizes that will make your heart skip a beat. – Immerse yourself in Oscar and Pippin’s captivating narratives, each enticing you with their unique charms and opportunities. – Experience the rush of anticipation as you cast your wishes, knowing that destiny is on your side.

Ready to unlock the genie’s magic? Download Genie Giveaways now and become the master of your own fate. Make a wish, take a chance, and let the enchantment begin! Your dreams are just a wish away.

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September, 2023

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Imran Malik

Josh delivered exactly what we were looking for and continuously went above and beyond. He completely understood our vision from the get-go and was always thinking outside the box, managing to align everything and deliver to spec, and creating an epic user journey for our customers along the way. We'll definitely be recommending him to others!

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Chris Ruff

Created an updated App that was far cleaner and crisper than our previous App. Also sorted out many of the payment link issues we had previously. Helped explain push notification after suggesting and installing a new provider. Overall very impressed and would highly recommend.

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Kyrone Blackhammer

Delivered exactly what I was looking for!