Abandoned Orders

Recover by email and push notification clients who have initiated an order without having finalized it

Recover Incomplete Orders via Emails or Push Notifications

Never lose an order opportunity again. Send Emails and Push Notification reminders to your clients
From the list of abandoned orders you can send an email, a push notification, or both, to encourage clients to finalize their order. The message templates associated with these actions are customizable.

List of Abandoned Orders

Quickly view orders that need recovering

When a client starts an order but does not finalize it, it is saved in the “Abandoned Orders” list. You can view details of abandoned orders and initiate marketing actions to encourage clients to resume and complete their purchases.

Abandoned orders per client

Analyse purchasing behaviours and notify a the right moment
Consult the list of orders abandoned by a client or a lead, and intervene at the right time to maximize your sales.

List of recovered orders

Measure the performance of your marketing actions

When a client places an order after receiving a reminder, it is displayed in the “Recovered orders” list. This list tells you what was the communication channel that managed to convince the client to resume shopping.