Offer a new payment solution widely used in Belgium

Payment via bank transfer made simple

Let your clients easily pay with a card linked to their bank account

Bancontact is is the most popular online payment method in Belgium. Customers use a Bancontact card or mobile app linked to a Belgian bank account to make online payments.

They have over 15 million cards in circulation.

During checkout, when your client select Bancontact, they are redirected to Bancontact to enter their credentials. The customer is then notified that payment is complete. Once this done, they can go back to your store for a payment confirmation there too.

With Bancontact, you offer a secure and confirmation guaranteed payment solution, and meet your Belgian customers’ expectations.

Enable Bancontact in your app

Bancontact + Stripe

Set the subscriptions and their duration

Everything is managed through the Stripe account you linked to your SAL app.

Install our Stripe Extended extension and you will automatically activate a new set up menu in your payment providers page, in the Stripe block. Follow the instructions to enable Bancontact in your Stripe dashboard. Once done, your new payment option will automatically be displayed to your clients during checkout.